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Shipping and handling within the United States $20.00

Shipping and handling to majority of places outside United States $100.00

I will accept payments through paypal.
If you tell me which hammers you want,
to which country you want them shipped
and give me your paypal e-mail
I can send you an invoice via paypal.

#1 Tuning Hammer $101.00
(head weight 8 ounces)
(total weight 12 ounces)
(head diameter 1 1/8 inch)

Tuning the smallest notes in the middle of Leads,
Double Seconds, and Double Tenor Pans.

#2 Tuning Hammer $104.00
(head weight 15 ounces)
(total weight 1 pound 6 ounces)
(head diameter 1 3/8 inch)

Tuning the larger inside notes on the Leads,
Double Seconds, and Double Tenor Pans.

#3 Tuning Hammer $107.00
(head weight 19 ounces)
(total weight 1 pound 14 ounces)
(head diameter 1 1/2 inch)

Tuning outside notes on Leads, Double Seconds,
and Double Tenor Pans, also use for inside notes
on Triple Guitars, and Cello Pans.

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"R" Steel Drum Tuning Hammers
#4 Tuning Hammer $111.00
(head weight 32 ounces)
(total weight 2 pound 8 ounces)
(head diameter 1 3/4 inch)

Tuning the outside notes of Triple Guitars,
Cello Pans, and the largest notes of Double
Seconds, and Double Tenor Pans.

#5 Tuning Hammer $115.00
(head weight 39 ounces)
(total weight 2 pound 15 ounces)
(head diameter 2 inches)

Tuning all notes on Tenor Basses and Basses,
can be used for the largest notes on Triple
Guitars,and Cello Pans.

Rhythmical Steel Tuning Hammers:
The faces on the hammers are built from
HIGH GRADE STEEL for strong and lasting
durability. The handles are made from steel
which is covered in silicone rubber, string,
and another coat of silicone rubber. This coating gives you control of the hammers and
gives an excellent grip that makes them comfortable to hold for hours of tuning.

The above is only guidelines to give you an idea of usage. Each individual tuner will
develop their own specific way to use the different Rhythmical Steel Hammers. These
Rhythmical Steel Tuning Hammers are designed from the hammers Dennis E. Martin has
been using during his career in the steel drum business which started in, "1984". Dennis
has built hammers for Ellie Mannette and Patrick Arnold.
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